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What is a Dam?

A Dam is a structure built across a stream or a river to hold water back. Dams can be used to store water, control flooding and generate electricity.

Source   https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/dams/


Where are KenGen Hydro Power Plants located?

  1. Turkwel in the North Rift
  2. Sondu Miriu and Sangaro in Kisumu County
  3. Gogo in Migori County
  4. Sosiani in Uasin Gishu County near Eldoret Town
    (The above form the Western Region)
  5. Mesco, Wanjii and Tana near Muranga Town
  6. Sagana near Nyeri Town
    (The above form the Upper Tana Region)
  7. The Seven Forks Dams comprising Masinga, Kamburu, Gitaru, Kindaruma and Kiambere are located in Eastern Kenya (Embu, Machakos and Kitui counties).

Why are the Seven Forks famous in Kenya?

 They are among the oldest hydroelectric dams and the biggest in the country.  For many years, they were the main source of electric power for the country.

Why the name Seven Forks?

  1. Between Gitaru and Kindaruma the river splits into seven tributaries, hence the name Seven Forks.
  2. The name Seven Forks has nothing do with seven dams but the tributaries.

Does KenGen open up the dams when they are full to release excess water?

No, the dams naturally overflow whenever they fill up. The overflows are always due to heavy rains in the Tana River Catchment.

Are hydro-power dams responsible for flooding experienced by communities living downstream?

  1. No.  The dams lessen flooding downstream by holding huge volumes of water which could naturally have gone downstream.
  2. No. Besides generating power, the other reason for building the dams was to regulate water flow and mitigate flooding downstream. However, once the dams are full, any excess water flows out.

What are maximum dam water levels?


Meters Above Sea Level (M.A.S.L)













How many hydro-power stations does KenGen operate?

KenGen operates fourteen (14) power stations namely Turkwel, Sondu-Miriu, Sangoro, Sosiani, Mesco, Wanji, Gogo, Tana, Sagana, Masinga, Kamburu, Kindaruma, Gitaru and Kiambere.  The table below contains details about the power stations



Year of Installation

Installed Capacity


Border of West Pokot & Turkana Counties

 1991  106MW

Kisumu County

 1997  60MW


Cascade Power Station from Sondu Miriu Power Station

 2012  33.2MW

Murangá County

 2011  20MW

Uasin Gishu County

 1952  0.4MW

Murang’á County

 1952  5.4MW

Murang’á County

 2013  0.43

Migori County

 1957  2MW

Sagana River

 1956  1.5MW

Seven Forks Dam Cascade

 1981  40M

Seven Forks Dam Cascade

 1974  94.20

Seven Forks Dam Cascade

 1978  225MW**

Seven Forks Dam Cascade

 1968  72MW**


Seven Forks Dam Cascade

 1988  168MW

IS the Aberdares the only catchment for River Tana?

  • No. There is a big catchment which feeds rivers joining River Tana after Kiambere including Thura-Ena, Mutonga and Kathita.

What is KenGen’s total hydro-electric capacity?



NAIROBI, Tuesday April 28th, 2020:
Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) PLC has today donated Ksh.20 million towards the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Emergency Response Fund.
KenGen which is the leading electricity generating company handed over the donation to the Fund’s Board during a brief ceremony held at the Kenya International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi.
Speaking at the event, the company’s Managing Director, Mrs. Rebecca Miano said KenGen had joined hands with the Government and other stakeholders in offering economic and social support to the vulnerable community members across the country who have been impacted by COVID-19.

“As KenGen, we take this opportunity to thank the Government for establishing the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, which has been instrumental in mobilizing resources towards containing the spread, effect and impact of Coronavirus disease,” She further said.
The company, she added, had set aside an additional Ksh.10 million towards supporting WHO recommended hygiene efforts among community members living near its installations across the country. The additional cash goes towards purchase of hand sanitizers, liquid soaps and water tanks.

Mrs. Miano pointed out that the COVID-19 situation was challenging to many companies and individuals including KenGen, which she said had been forced to suspend a number of initiatives, but encouraged all organizations both public and private to make sacrifices especially at this time to help stop the spread of the disease. 

“We must now stand out and reach out to those in need in a show of unity, patriotism and empathy as a nation and give generously, you can donate your time, we have seen others donate resources, others their expertise, and others moral support including counseling,” said Mrs. Miano.  
“It is our prayer that many more organizations and individuals will come forward and contribute towards this noble cause,” she continued.
Mrs. Miano was accompanied by KenGen Foundation’s Managing Trustee, Anthony Igecha, who called on Kenyans especially those in arid and semi-arid areas to take advantage of the ongoing rains and plant trees while observing the laid out measures of preventing the spread of COVID-19.
Over the years, KenGen PLC has positively impacted lives of individuals and communities.
The company’s primary business is to provide affordable and dependable electric energy for the country in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner while creating value for its stakeholders.  

Press statement 20th March 2020


Kenya Electricity Generating Company Plc (KenGen) would like to assure all Kenyans that it has deployed mechanisms to ensure electricity generation continues uninterrupted during this period of uncertainty owing to the global COVID19 crisis.

We have embarked on a shift system to ensure there are staff in all our installations across the country at any given time, while taking the necessary precautions to reduce congestion and ensure their safety.

Similarly, we have decongested our offices by allowing some employees to work from home as a way of minimizing contact. All operations are therefore running smoothly.

In addition, we have redoubled our efforts in hygiene to provide hand-washing and sanitization facilities, introduced regular disinfection of facilities and rolled out a sensitization campaign across the company.

We will continue to review and deploy resources and measures within KenGen based on the need.

We pray for those affected by the pandemic and remain optimistic that we shall all overcome this challenge.

Olkaria V project on course

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 16:00

Naivasha, Wednesday October 31, 2018: Plans are at an advanced stage to connect a new geothermal power plant, Olkaria V with an installed capacity of 165.4 MW into the country’s national power grid.

Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC, (KenGen) has made considerable progress in the construction of Olkaria V Geothermal Power which project is spread across three contracts namely; Lot I -Steamfield development, Lot II-Power Plant and Lot II – High Voltage sub-station and transmission lines. The project will cost USD 450 million. Construction contracts have been financed through a combination of KenGen’s internally generated funds and a loan facility from Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) that was signed in March 2016.

KenGen Turns to Innovation for Power Expansion, Business Diversification


Mombasa, Monday, June 18, 2018: Kenya’s leading power producer, KenGen, has today announced that it is turning to innovation to enhance efficiencies and increase productivity as it seeks to roll out power generation projects worth Kshs. 1 Trillion over the next decade.
KenGen, which produces more than 70 % of the power consumed in the country, seeks to explore innovative concepts that will transform its approach to power generation with a view to consolidating its position as the market leader, while increasing shareholder value and minimizing its carbon footprint
Speaking when he launched the 6th edition of the company’s 2018 Good-to-Great (G2G) Global innovation Seminar in Mombasa today, Energy Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Charles Keter, said that the country’s energy requirements, especially in regard to the President’s Big Four development agenda, would need enhanced innovation to provide transformative solutions. “The task of providing affordable and adequate electric energy to power the President’s Big Four Agenda is daunting and we must work together to lower power tariffs. To do so, we will focus on increasing access to modern energy services; better utilization of our rich energy resources; improving financial flows to match the growing energy investment needs; and promoting a better mix of energy supply options. That is why every idea counts. We are counting on this seminar and other initiatives to help us make Kenya an attractive investment destination,” he said.
He added that: “We are not blind to the challenges facing the entire African continent. Key among them are inadequate power supply in the face of increased demand, reliance on import or weather-dependent sources, limited financing options for the capital-intensive capacity growth from generation through to distribution and meeting the demands of empowered communities.
The theme of this year’s seminar is: “Fostering Partnerships for Infrastructure and Industrialization”.
Speaking at the same function, KenGen Managing Director and CEO, Mrs. Rebecca Miano, said innovation was critical as the company sought to boost energy production, adding that the organization had deliberately created avenues through which employees could continuously share novel ideas that could help the firm attain its strategic objectives. “To drive this agenda, we have launched Communities of Practice and Innovation (COPI) across all the business areas to provide avenues for employees to present their ideas. These COPI forums ensure the idea funnel is fed every quarter from every area of the business, with peers giving feedback and enabling ownership of the ideas. This event is a culmination of these forums, with presentations this week seeking your input and final stamp of approval,” she said.

She added that KenGen would establish a research lab to add value to the ideas received from employees as well as identify ways to improve power generation capacity.
KenGen currently produces 1,631MW of power from various sources which include hydro power generation, geothermal energy and thermal energy. The firm is now turning to hitherto unexplored energy sources that include wind and solar energy to both complement the other sources and provide clean and reliable energy to the country.
KenGen Board Chairman, Mr Joshua Choge said the company was focussing on clean and renewable energy: “KenGen is on course to developing an additional 720MW by 2020, ensuring the current suppressed demand improves. By improving the ratio of renewable and sustainable power in the country through diversification, we ensure the provision of affordable power and minimize our carbon footprint so that we can bequeath our sons and daughters a healthy planet.”
The G2G Innovation seminar, which was first held in the year 2012, brings together 500 KenGen employees and local and international stakeholders to deliberate and discuss innovative ideas through which the organization can enhance its value proposition and service offering as it continues to execute its mandate and core objectives.
It is through these seminars that the concept of a geothermal spa was conceived. Other concepts that have been hatched through the seminars include the establishment of a KenGen industrial park whose development plans are at advanced stage.
Once completed, the Olkaria industrial park will see industries set up shop in the area, while enjoying uninterrupted power supply at concessionary rates.
The a five-day event brings together KenGen employees from six business areas and local and international stakeholders to exchange practical ideas on innovation and continuous improvement; an endeavor aimed at making KenGen a great company that can stand the test of time in a highly competitive industry.


About the KenGen G2G Innovation Seminar
The annual “Good to Great” (G2G) Technical Seminar, now in its 6th year, was first held in 2012. The idea was conceived in 2007 when KenGen embarked on a unique strategic journey that was envisaged to transform it from a “Good to Great” company with the ultimate prize of creating improved shareholder value. The main objective was to encourage employees to embrace and embed innovation into the company’s strategy, by coming up with ideas relating to new business models, new revenue generation and cost cutting measures. Since 2012, a number of innovative ideas have been implemented, resulting in cost savings amounting to millions of shillings per annum.

Corporate Affairs Office

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KenGen Bags Three Awards at The Employer of the Year Awards 2018


Monday, September 24th, 2018: The Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) PLC has won three coveted awards, announced during the Employer of the Year Awards 2018 ceremony.
Overall, KenGen was named the third-best employer after British American Tobacco Kenya PLC and Safaricom PLC. The company also won the top award for Responsible Business Conduct and emerged 1st runner-up in the Leadership and Governance category where Centum Investment clinched the first position.
At the same time, KenGen took position three after Safaricom and the University of Nairobi respectively in the Innovation and Productivity category.
The CEO & MD, Mrs. Rebecca Miano was elated about the organization’s exemplary performance. “Let me take this early opportunity to congratulate and thank all of you for the hard work and discipline you put in during the year to make this achievement possible. I am proud of you and know that you will continue doing us proud in the Good-2-Great journey,” she said
Mrs. Miano said the achievement goes to show that that the employees have embraced the company’s 2018 theme which is to Build, Bring out the Best and Be Present.
“Our best continues to show not only at work but even in the eyes of stakeholders and the general public,” she added.
The company managed to win the awards after going through a meticulous and vigorous process which included interviews and focused group discussions.
Employer of the Year Awards (EYA) is an initiative by the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) that is geared towards promoting and encouraging best practices in Corporate Performance, People Management and Industrial Relations practices amongst employers in Kenya.
This initiative is aimed at increasing and sustaining productivity, enterprise performance and responsibility.
The award categories include leadership and governance, corporate performance, innovations and productivity, responsible business conduct, inclusiveness and diversity, workplace environment, learning and development, effective human resource practices and industrial relations.
KenGen, which has a staff complement of about 2,500 is one of the leading energy producers in Eastern Africa. The company contributes a total of 1,631MW to the national grid and targets to grow this capacity, mostly from upcoming green energy projects. The company has a mid-term strategy targeting 720MW by the year 2020.


Corporate Affairs Office

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