Mombasa, Monday, June 18, 2018: Kenya’s leading power producer, KenGen, has today announced that it is turning to innovation to enhance efficiencies and increase productivity as it seeks to roll out power generation projects worth Kshs. 1 Trillion over the next decade.

press2KenGen, which produces more than 70 % of the power consumed in the country, seeks to explore innovative concepts that will transform its approach to power generation with a view to consolidating its position as the market leader, while increasing shareholder value and minimizing its carbon footprint.

Speaking when he launched the 6th edition of the company’s 2018 Good-to-Great (G2G) Global innovation Seminar in Mombasa today, Energy Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Charles Keter, said that the country’s energy requirements, especially in regard to the President’s Big Four development agenda, would need enhanced innovation to provide transformative solutions. “The task of providing affordable and adequate electric energy to power the President’s Big Four Agenda is daunting and we must work together to lower power tariffs. To do so, we will focus on increasing access to modern energy services; better utilization of our rich energy resources; improving financial flows to match the growing energy investment needs; and promoting a better mix of energy supply options. That is why every idea counts. We are counting on this seminar and other initiatives to help us make Kenya an attractive investment destination,” he said.

He added that: “We are not blind to the challenges facing the entire African continent. Key among them are inadequate power supply in the face of increased demand, reliance on import or weather-dependent sources, limited financing options for the capital-intensive capacity growth from generation through to distribution and meeting the demands of empowered communities.

The theme of this year’s seminar is: “Fostering Partnerships for Infrastructure and Industrialization”.
Speaking at the same function, KenGen Managing Director and CEO, Mrs. Rebecca Miano, said innovation was critical as the company sought to boost energy production, adding that the organization had deliberately created avenues through which employees could continuously share novel ideas that could help the firm attain its strategic objectives. “To drive this agenda, we have launched Communities of Practice and Innovation (COPI) across all the business areas to provide avenues for employees to present their ideas. These COPI forums ensure the idea funnel is fed every quarter from every area of the business, with peers giving feedback and enabling ownership of the ideas. This event is a culmination of these forums, with presentations this week seeking your input and final stamp of approval,” she said.

She added that KenGen would establish a research lab to add value to the ideas received from employees as well as identify ways to improve power generation capacity.
KenGen currently produces 1,631MW of power from various sources which include hydro power generation, geothermal energy and thermal energy. The firm is now turning to hitherto unexplored energy sources that include wind and solar energy to both complement the other sources and provide clean and reliable energy to the country.
KenGen Board Chairman, Mr Joshua Choge said the company was focussing on clean and renewable energy: “KenGen is on course to developing an additional 720MW by 2020, ensuring the current suppressed demand improves. By improving the ratio of renewable and sustainable power in the country through diversification, we ensure the provision of affordable power and minimize our carbon footprint so that we can bequeath our sons and daughters a healthy planet.”

The G2G Innovation seminar, which was first held in the year 2012, brings together 500 KenGen employees and local and international stakeholders to deliberate and discuss innovative ideas through which the organization can enhance its value proposition and service offering as it continues to execute its mandate and core objectives.
It is through these seminars that the concept of a geothermal spa was conceived. Other concepts that have been hatched through the seminars include the establishment of a KenGen industrial park whose development plans are at advanced stage.

Once completed, the Olkaria industrial park will see industries set up shop in the area, while enjoying uninterrupted power supply at concessionary rates.
The a five-day event brings together KenGen employees from six business areas and local and international stakeholders to exchange practical ideas on innovation and continuous improvement; an endeavor aimed at making KenGen a great company that can stand the test of time in a highly competitive industry.


About the KenGen G2G Innovation Seminar
The annual “Good to Great” (G2G) Technical Seminar, now in its 6th year, was first held in 2012. The idea was conceived in 2007 when KenGen embarked on a unique strategic journey that was envisaged to transform it from a “Good to Great” company with the ultimate prize of creating improved shareholder value. The main objective was to encourage employees to embrace and embed innovation into the company’s strategy, by coming up with ideas relating to new business models, new revenue generation and cost cutting measures. Since 2012, a number of innovative ideas have been implemented, resulting in cost savings amounting to millions of shillings per annum.

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